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When cleaning gets tough, Tri, Tri again.

‚ÄčThere are three reasons that Tactical Triad will be the best gun cleaning kit you ever own.  Besides the fact that we've designed it to be scientifically superior, like our 300 Below / CryoTech Deep Cryogenic Treatment Process that has been used to enhance over 262,000 gun barrels, we have considered each component inside Tactical Triad from the ground up to enhance the entire user experience of cleaning a firearm.

The primary problem with gun cleaning kits today is that they center around using brushes to agitate an inferior cleaner.  This is often complicated by shooters who choose to use an all-in-one CLP product, as these solutions typically sacrifice cleaning efficacy by compromising on the chemical composition in order to exhibit multiple properties sought for a common cleaning experience:  (1) Clean, (2) Lubricate, and (3) Protect.

However, every weapon is different, and is employed differently.  That's why our team worked overtime to deliver a change of pace, trading "all-in-one" workflows in favor of a refined approach: Utilize a reusable biodegradable non-toxic firearm cleaning solution (PRISTINE) inside the home or in garrison for law enforcement / military environments, and THEN apply an even more effective lubricant penetrant (SlipMist) after a deep clean.

The goal is very simple: if the typical, especially bio-based, CLPs ‚Äčare known to build up a thin film after consistent lubrication, we should really focus on removing any surface buildup down to the metal's original condition. This means removing all copper fouling and carbon deposits from a gun barrel as well. But PRISTINE is also excellent for use in jewelry cleaning and car wheel cleaning; the emphasis on removing other prior surfactants (which also leave a thin film) allows components underneath to exhibit their true PRISTINE shine.

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PureScrub pads are provided in addition to the PRISTINE and SlipMist components found inside the Tactical Triad. These pads, unlike the "cheap yet expensive" cotton swatches, are provided with a large surface area so they can be cut to fit the task you need without wasting extra material.  The benefit of using these pads versus other cotton swatches is that the pads are not designed to absorb large quantities of cleaning solution or lubricants.  This means you aren't soaking up the beneficial components of the Tactical Triad gun cleaning kit that are meant to be interacting with the metal surface found in your rifle barrel, pistol barrel, or shotgun barrel.  As such, the pads are able to loosen up tough spots and interact better than most cleaning squares that you are required to use multiple times and waste large amounts of.  Plus, you save a ton of money in the process!

Tactical Triad also includes a handful of other bonus items for those lucky enough to receive them.  Your kit may be loaded with up to $102.21 in additional value, including custom plastic rifle barrel bag(s), precision tip tapered cotton swabs, and/or a valuable "2 for 1" barrel treatment certificate, valid for the purchase of a cryogenic barrel stress relief process from 300 Below.

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