​The Tactical Triad Has Arrived

Our three products are specific to task and work better than the "all-in-one" offerings.
(1) Pristine - Non-Toxic Carbon Removing Cleaning Solution - Gets your firearms back to its original surface condition.
(2) SlipMist - Non-Toxic Lubricant Penetrant - Gets your firearms slippin' and slidin' so you can get rounds downrange.
(3) PureScrub - Patented Non-Abrasive Scrub Pads - Cuts to the size you want for the task you need and cleans better.​

The world's first non-toxic firearms cleaning and lubrication kit with our patented scrub pad.

Thanks for your interest in the Tactical Triad! We're swamped with interest, but we only have a few hundred kits to start.  If you'd like to be notified when we are back in stock, please allow us the opportunity to contact you!

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The first thing I noticed about PRISTINE was something that she did not — the smell. Or, really, the complete lack thereof. No smell, no fumes, no irritation. I really enjoyed working with this stuff. ​Despite how gentle this stuff is to your person, it works. What really surprised me in cleaning the 597 was how quickly the bore shined up. Maybe three minutes later I ran a PRISTINE-sprayed patch down the barrel followed by two dry ones, and I’ll be darned if it wasn’t mirror clean and flawless.

I still find it shocking that something so pleasant to work with was actually effective. Very effective. I really dig the ability to toss parts into a bucket of solution and come back later to wipe carbon away! Economical as well, since the solution can be used repeatedly​. Gotta like that [Tactical Triad] is 100% made in the United States, all in a nice, neat kit.​

Jeremy S. - Reviewer


F Lube? F that!

A little paste, a bit of liquid, a tiny cloth.

  • US Veteran Operated Business
  • Some components from CHINA!!
  • Only 4 oz. paste, 4 oz. lube
  • One time application, NOT reusable
  • Two confusing options for lube
  • They don't have our secret oil base
  • Cloth isn't for internal barrel use
  • Did we mention, you only get one?!
  • No bag to clean gun parts with
  • Swabs?  Well, invented by a swabbie.
  • Good luck keeping your lady happy!
  • Are you carrying hand cream?  Oh...
  • Easy to carry in the field
  • They're pretty safe, too!

$37.99 / kit

Tactical Triad

The World's First Non-Toxic Firearms Cleaning and Lubrication Kit with our Patented Scrub Pad

3 Primary Components + BONUSES

  • ​US Veteran Operated Business
  • 100 % MADE IN AMERICA!
  • ​Our concentrate yields 2.5 GALLONS
  • Cleaning Solution is REUSABLE
  • ​2 Bottles (2 oz. ea.) SlipMist Lube
  • 4X Slicker Than Petroleum Oils
  • 5 PureScrub Non-Scratch Pads
  • Wide 9.25" Coverage - Cut To Fit
  • Reusable Heavy Duty Parts Bag
  • Tapered 2-Tip 6" Cotton Swabs
  • Large Counter Gun Cleaning Mat
  • Water-Tight Ammo Can Container
  • Doesn't kill brain cells when cleaning
  • No VOCs or harmful pollutants

$49.97 / kit

Purchase Tactical Triad Gun Cleaning Kit on Amazon

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What's your O face look like?

One bottle.  That's it.  Nothing else.

  • No idea if they're Veteran operated
  • USDA biopreferred can be imported
  • 16 oz. of product with no more yield
  • One time application, NOT reusable
  • Combo products not specific to task
  • They don't have our secret oil base
  • No scrub pads or cloths included
  • Their coverage is that paid news guy
  • It's called bare essential for a reason
  • No cotton, but they'll sell you rods!
  • No mat?  Hire a housekeeper!
  • Bring your own container
  • Easy to keep and carry wherever.
  • It's definitely safe to use as well!

$28.99 / solution only